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If you are a little braver, you’ll find that spruce green, teal, turquoise, violet, and cobalt blue also look terrific with most shades of pink, and if you are braver yet, you can wear pink with cherry red or even some shades of orange. Yes. Confidence in yourself is attractive. Wearing pink is atypical in modern, western masculine dress sense in the Official Honk Honk V3 Shirt What’s more,I will buy this main so any man who dresses including pink is demonstrating the selfconfidence I alluded to, whether he is homosexual or heterosexual. This is unrelated to whether or not either the man in question, or the viewer has ANY preference to the colour pink. That’s a separate question. Blue Shirt Day is when we ask everyone to don the BLUE SHIRT and join us in solidarity to stop bullying and cyberbullying on the ft Monday of every October. Information about bullies and antibullies activities can be presented in any color. We use the color blue to promote further education in antibullying programs and bully prevention initiatives in schools and organizations.

Official Honk Honk V3 Shirt

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