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Less Funeral More Birthdays Shirt

Six million Jews died in the Less Funeral More Birthdays Shirt it is in the first place but Holocaust. The scum (I won’t call them people) who wore those T-shirts are anti-semites who wish that even more Jews had been killed. That disgusting piece of racism on a T-shirt is a reminder of what Trumpism stands for. It plainly refers to the Holocaust where 6 million Jews were executed under Hitler’s regime. That is the mentality among many Trumpers and those who claim to be MAGATS. With each new month the net grew wider as more information came forward and, as I opined over 20 months ago, the conspiracy is enveloping even Congressional members, their staff and lackeys in the Trump administration. And the brainwashed drooling indoctrinates of the Trumper Cult have no idea it’s happening as they rest, warm and snug, in their dens and warrens of disinformation, feeling the warm waves of propaganda wash over them from Faux Snooze….

Less Funeral More Birthdays Shirt

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