Lacosteeshirt – Mark Wahlberg Ticda Sweatshirt

Mark Wahlberg Ticda Sweatshirt

Mine doesn’t. I wash it on 40° and hang it to dry. Never tumble it unless you want the Mark Wahlberg Ticda Sweatshirt Furthermore, I will do this concertina look.The good thing is you can iron it on a hot setting. Don’t worry if you’re left with a few wrinkles because that’s what makes linen unique. It’s great to wear in hot weather because it helps you keep cool. Maybe. Sometimes. Depends on the fiber that the fabric was made from & how hot the water is the washing machine and how hot the dryer is set to. If you don’t want something to shrink, wash in cool or cold water, gentle or delicate on the machine setting, and a short run through the machine – then hang dry or run briefly through a short run on low heat & hang to dry. If it is a loosely woven or knit fabric – lay it on a towel or something and let it dry flat, not on a hanger. That might make it stretch out, but it won’t stretch out to the original shape… I’ve been doing laundry since I was twelve or so, let’s just say that I have a lot of experience….not all of the good kind.

Mark Wahlberg Ticda Sweatshirt

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