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Regardless of whether you spent of it, and have left, or if you’d spent of it, and had left. Or any other permutation. You still borrowed , repaid , owe , and are in possession of worth of cash and merchandise from this arrangement. As evidenced by these examples, it doesn’t matter what you did with the Apple Music Heart Bad Bunny Shirt Furthermore, I will do this money after you borrowed it. You still owe it, minus only what you actually repaid. The error is in the final question, when accounting for the remaining funds. We say if I owe Dad , and I owe Mom that’s PLUS the I have . It’s actually I owe Dad , and I owe Mom that’s LESS the I kept for myself , the cost of the shirt. Why you add this to the amount you owe Bro this is where you made mistake.. and thia where everyone gets stuck p …. So In total you owe . Out of which you spent and you kept with yourself. Here that you reserved is included in that you owe. You have already counted it. Here, the chart shows where the money is at each step in the riddle, along with the total amount of cash in play

Apple Music Heart Bad Bunny Shirt

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