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I think I first heard of the Show Me Your Tatis Shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this Met gala when I got the assignment to shoot inside the event in . I think I looked at Larry Fink photos the night before because I was super-nervous and I continue to be nervous the night before that party each year. It’s the closest my job comes to, like, competitive sports. Not that it’s competitive, but the stakes and the opportunity are so outlandish and the timeframe is so short. It’s one of these times where you feel like you can’t even afford to blink. It was always very nice because Gianni Versace, when he had to do any of these public events, he always invited us. It was really kind of him to want to invite us, the models, and he always did to whatever public event he had to do or if he had to receive an award of any kind. He didn’t have to invite us so it was just nice to be invited to enjoy a nice evening with him and Donatella.

Show Me Your Tatis Shirt

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