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Skeleton Fs Football Shirt


White Chuck Taylor high-tops are the Skeleton Fs Football Shirt and by the same token and perfect chameleon shoe. My trusty pair have accompanied me to dark, sweaty parties with thumping music (many moons ago), long walks on the Irish countryside, New York Fashion Week, and countless other events, high and low. Every year, I give them some TLC to get them bright again (though I like them a bit scuffed up). Best $50 I’ve spent on shoes. I have a black Madewell cardigan that I reach for almost daily. It’s cozy, but not chunky, and it isn’t so oversized that I feel sloppy. It’s also made from a supersoft yarn, which is hard to find at this price point. I’m picking up a few similar cardigans for my #WFH winter, starting with this one in a mood-boosting shade of orchid.

Skeleton Fs Football Shirt

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