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Vitelli is an artisanal creative community headed by Mauro Simionato, a creative director/cultural agitator with a hippie ethos. Since its inception in 2017, Vitelli has embraced holistic and sustainable production practices, a progressive social mindset, and a distinctive aesthetic, rooted in the Funny Mug Link Blogger On Topcanvasus On 2022/09/14 Cosmic Youth club scene of the ’80s and tinged with post-hippie, post-punk undertones. “We make experimental knitwear,” explained Simionato before the show held at Fondazione Sozzani during Milan Fashion Week, a first for the label.

Queen Ii Elizabeth England Queen Of England 1920 2022 Mug

Mormons Vs Baptists Provo Utah Sep 10 2022 Shirt
Michelle Vallejo For Congress Shirt
Queen Elizabeth Ii United Kingdom 1926-2022 T-shirt
The Queen Elizabeth Ll 1926 2022 British Queen T-shirt
Top Rip Queen Elizabeth 1926 – 2022 Thank You Memories T-shirt
Pray For Queen Elizabeth 1926-2022 Rest In Peace Majesty The Queen T-shirt
Eat Shit Pitt Tennessee Vs Pittsburgh 2022 Shirt
Donald Trump Make Halloween Great Again Halloween Shirt
Don’t Make Me Flip My Witch Switch Halloween Shirt
Friends Horror Movie Characters Driving Car Hippie Halloween Shirt

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